Interview with a Brain Gym Buddy – Part 2

Interview 2:  (presently teaching)

1)      When and how did you learn of Brain Gym?

I first was introduced to BG 20 years ago and I’ve been using in my classroom every day since.

2)      What enticed you to learn more about it?

I went to a workshop, I think it was only a half day, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I felt better; I was relaxed and stress free.  The person running the workshop had a pamphlet with information on how to become a trainer, so I looked into that.

3)      Where did you access training?

First I went to Lethbridge for a two day seminar and then I went to Calgary for a full week during the summer.  It was so interesting!  We learned all the background to each movement and why the combinations worked for helping people relax, or focus, or think better.  It really works!

4)      How did you implement BG?

I start my classroom day with a five minute routine called PACE, and then throughout the day depending on the mood of the students or the type of activity we are about to do.  There are 26 different movements and each helps a particular physical or mental state.  I’ll send you a copy of my handout I give to kids.

5)      What were some of the benefits you noticed?

Oh, there are so many…every child benefits in their own way. I can tell you of one student I worked with who experienced a severe brain injury.  After several months of practicing BG the child made tremendous gains in recovery.  The parents were so supportive and also went for training.  Also, if I have a child with ADHD I used the Centering exercises throughout the day.  These kids don’t need any medication anymore.

6)      Do you feel BG met its claims of enhancing learning potential?

Without any doubt!  Oh!  I forgot about the water; water is essential to Brain Gym.  It is the first component to PACE so all the students have water with them all day.

When you get the manual I want you to try the Quick Balance just so you can feel for yourself what these exercises can do.  I think you might be interested in looking up information about Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  It is relatively new and I think it is a branch off of BG.


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