Interviews with a Brain Gym Buddy – Part 1

Interview 1:  Retired Teacher (10 years)

1)      When and how did you learn of Brain gym?

In 1991 at a teacher’s workshop in Calgary.  It was a half day of exercises that could be used for a whole group of people.  There were 26 movements we learned and then something called Balancing, but I didn’t use that.                   

2)      What enticed you to learn more about Brain Gym? 

Everyone was talking about it.  It was on the news.  Other teachers were using it and the kids loved it.  I remember there were three dimensions:  left to right, front to back, and top to bottom.  It got the whole body involved.

3)      Where did you access the training?

In Lethbridge, at a school, on a Saturday training.  It wasn’t specifically for teachers; I actually think it was for YMCA fitness.  My friend told me about it and I remember other teachers talking about it.  It was a really fun day and I know that I used it with my class right away, first thing Monday morning.                        

4)      How did you implement Brain Gym with your class? 

I did it with the whole class as a start to our day.  The kids loved it. Oh, and then I took 5 or 6 classes into the gym last thing Fridays and we did it all together.  I remember the kids rushing to get themselves ready to go home just so they could go to the gym and participate!

5)      What were some of the benefits you noticed?

The kids could focus and think better.  It was easy and we could do at any time, in any room.

6)      Do you feel Brain Gym met its claims of enhancing learning potential?

Well, I meet with a lot of resistance from some parents.  They told me I was practicing voodoo.  (laugh)  I stopped talking about “the claims” and we just enjoyed the process.  I hope people are better about it now.  I know who is still using it….R.F. in Medicine Hat.  Here is her number; I want you to call her and ask her the same questions.  At least she is still teaching and can give you more current information.


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