The Claims Behind the 26

You’ve already seen a video in a previous post that walked you through some of Brain Gym’s 26 movements. Read below to see the purpose and intention behind each movement.

What claims does Brain Gym International make?

  • Enhance whole brain learning
  • Movements benefit every learner to reach their learning  potential

26 movements:

1. Cross Crawl- activates both brain hemispheres simultaneously; “stimulating both the expressive and receptive hemispheres of the brain, facilitating integrated learning.” (p.4)

2. Lazy 8’s-“assist in the elimination of reversals and transpositions in reading and writing.” (p.5)

3.  Double Doodle-“visual systems become more flexible and skilful” (p.6)

4. Alphabet 8’s-“to help students with dyslexia and dysgraphia” (p. 7)

5.  The Elephant- “helps the brain for listening with both ears” (p.8)

6. Neck Rolls- “encourages integrated performance” (p.9)

7. The Rocker- helps with “study skills, left to right visual skills and hand-eye coordination” (p. 11)

8. Belly Breathing- “remain focused during mental activity  or physical exertion” (p. 12)

9. Cross Crawl Situps- “a sense of organization” (p. 13)

10.The Energizer-“listening comprehension, speech, language skills” (p.14)

11. Think of an X- “teaches the whole brain to work cooperatively” (p. 15)

12.  The Owl- “improved focus, attention, memory” (p. 17)

13. Arm Action- “gross and fine motor activities” (p. 18)

14. Footflex- “back/front brain integration, expressive speech and language skills” (p. 19)

15. Calf Pump- same benefits as Footflex plus “ability to complete assignments and follow-thru” (p. 20)

16. The Gravity Glider- “reading comprehension, mental arithmetic, abstract thinking” (p. 21)

17. The Grounder- “memory, comprehension, self-concept, self-expression” (p. 22)

18. Water-“all academics” (p. 24)

19. Brain Buttons- “body coordination, consonant blending, reading support” (p. 25)

20. Earth Buttons- “basic metabolism, visual accommodation” (p. 26)

21. Balance Buttons- “decision making” (p. 27)

22. Space Buttons- “organizational skills, increased interest and motivation” (p. 28)

23. Energy yawn- “whole brain relaxation” (p. 29)

24.  The Thinking Cap- listening and speaking (p. 30)

25. Cook’s Hook-ups- “clear listening and speaking” (p. 31)

26. Positive Points- performance (p. 32)

Combining specific Brain Gym moves allows individuals to learn better in a variety of academic subjects.  These combinations focus on:  Reading, Thinking, Writing, Self-Awareness, Home-Study Skills, and Personal Ecology Skills.


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